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Join Us at the SEED International Conference for our Workshop!

We are excited to announce that the T-shore Project will be participating in the upcoming SEED International Conference on Sustainable Energy Education. We invite you to attend our workshop, titled “Empowering Through Education: T-Shore’s Approach to Wind Turbine Technician Training,” set to take place this July. Our session is dedicated to educators, trainers, and professionals in the sustainable energy sector who are passionate about advancing education and training methodologies.

Workshop Details:

  • Reference Code: WS06
  • Chair: Gerben Huiszoon
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Organization: The T-shore Project partners

About the Workshop:

“Empowering Through Education: T-Shore’s Approach to Wind Turbine Technician Training” aims to address the need for a harmonised training program across Europe. This workshop will introduce T-Shore’s efforts in developing a standardised yet adaptable curriculum designed for the growing demands of the offshore wind industry. By participating, you will engage in the unveiling of our first four learning scenarios, crucial for shaping a comprehensive training framework for offshore wind turbine technicians.

Objectives of the Workshop:

  • Introduce the T-Shore Project and its vision for the future of wind turbine technician training.
  • Showcase the newly developed learning scenarios.
  • Demonstrate the practical applications of these scenarios through interactive group activities.
  • Gather feedback from participants to refine and enhance the curriculum.
  • Discuss the challenges of harmonizing educational standards across diverse systems.

Workshop Agenda:

  • Introduction to the T-Shore Project
  • Detailed presentation of the learning scenarios
  • Breakout into working groups for hands-on activities
  • Group feedback session to discuss insights and suggestions
  • Closing remarks to encapsulate the day’s learnings

Meet Our Trainer:

Gerben Huiszoon, your workshop leader, holds a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the Delft University of Technology and is a seasoned figure in offshore renewable energy education. With over a decade of management experience in higher education engineering departments and a strong network across educational, governmental, and industrial sectors, Gerben’s expertise and dynamic approach are instrumental in driving the T-Shore project forward.

We look forward to your participation in this vital conversation at the SEED conference, where you can contribute to setting the future standards for wind turbine technician training. Join us to help forge a path towards a more sustainable and skilled future in renewable energy.

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