Atlantic Technological University 🇮🇪
Energy Innovation 🇳🇴
Fagskolen Rogaland 🇳🇴
Hydrogen Valley 🇩🇰
Katapult 🇳🇱
Noorderpoort 🇳🇱
POM West-Vlaanderen 🇧🇪
Scalda 🇳🇱
Skilliant 🇧🇪
Skive College 🇩🇰
Wind Energy Ireland 🇮🇪
World Class Maintenance 🇳🇱


The consortium assembled for T-shore brings together an optimal balance of skills, knowledge, and expertise for the implementation of the project. The geographical location of the partners connects five European countries, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, The Netherlands, and Norway. The lead partner, Skilliant, Belgium will coordinate the consortium.

T-shore Partner Logos

T-shore Partner logos