T-shore Partner Series – Yorrick van Bree, Katapult – Centre of Vocational Excellence

Partner: Katapult

Actor: Yorrick van Bree

Location: Den Haag, The Netherlands


The video features Yorrick, a project manager from Katapult, discussing the role of Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs) in enhancing vocational education through partnerships. Katapult, based in the Netherlands, aims to foster collaboration between vocational education, businesses, and government to support and develop these centres.





🌍 Collaborative Framework: CoVEs operate on a collaboration-first approach, uniting diverse stakeholders to advance vocational education.

📚 Educational Enhancement: A significant goal of CoVEs is to improve both the content and delivery of vocational education.

🔍 Applied Research: Engaging in applied research is another fundamental objective, aiming to integrate practical findings into educational practices.

🌐 Stakeholder Integration: The key to CoVEs’ success lies in the seamless collaboration between educational institutions, industries, and government bodies.

🌊 Focus on Offshore Wind Energy: Katapult is actively involved in the T-Shore project, aiming to create a European platform for vocational education in offshore wind energy.

📈 Network Governance and Sustainability: Work Package 5 emphasizes the development of regional CoVEs, promoting sustainable vocational centres.

🎯 Impact and Evaluation: Work Package 6 focuses on monitoring and evaluating the impact of CoVEs on stakeholders and the broader target audience.

💡 Regional Lighthouse Goal: The vision is for each CoVE to become a regional lighthouse, where education and industry collaborate closely to equip the sector with skilled professionals.

🌱 Community of Practice: Katapult fosters a community where partners from various projects can share experiences, inspire one another, and tackle common challenges together.

🤝 International Collaboration: The network encourages international collaboration, aiming to share innovative learning methods, skills profiles, and training programs.