Enhancing Ireland’s Offshore Wind Industry: T-shore Centre of vocational excellence (CoVE) Ireland Workshop

🌟 What a great day at the T-shore CoVE Ireland Workshop! 🌊💨

Atlantic Technological University and Wind Energy Ireland were proud to host a workshop today for the T-shore project. It was inspiring to see industry experts, trainers, educators, and government bodies come together to share their invaluable insights, ideas, and perspectives.

A huge thank you to everyone who participated, Stieneke Boerma – NoorderpoortFrank Emil Moen – Energy Innovation – NORWAY and contributed, Nuala CarrJuanita Blue, Padraig Gallagher and Dáire Horgan to the productive discussions led by Yorrick van Bree – Wij zijn Katapult. Your commitment to collaboration, despite the challenges we face, is the driving force that will propel us forward. It’s clear that there’s a strong desire to work together to develop a skilled workforce and advance Ireland’s position in the offshore wind energy sector.

The path ahead is filled with hurdles, but the optimism and willingness to engage in open dialogue showcased today are what will enable us to overcome these obstacles.

Together, we are laying down the groundwork for establishing Centres of Vocational Excellence that will not only complement but significantly enhance our training capabilities for the offshore industry.

Let’s continue to harness this momentum and move forward with the same spirit of collaboration and innovation. The journey has just begun, and I am excited about what we can achieve together.

Thank you once again to all the stakeholders for making the T-shore CoVE Ireland Workshop a success. Here’s to shaping a sustainable and prosperous future for Ireland’s energy sector! 🌍💚


The T-shore Project Update, Padraig Gallagher, ATU and Dáire Horgan, WEI What is a CoVE from EU perspective, Stieneke Boerma, Noorderpoort 

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