Anticipating the SEED Conference in Valencia and Our Workshop Nomination

As the SEED International Conference on Sustainable Energy Education approaches, the T-shore team is preparing with great anticipation for what promises to be a great event in Valencia. Today, we received great news: our workshop, “Empowering Through Education: T-Shore’s Approach to Wind Turbine Technician Training,” has received a nomination for the Best Practices Award.

The nomination for the Best Practices Award is a recognition of our work to date in developing entry level education for offshore wind turbine technicians. It underscores our efforts in developing a harmonised curriculum that addresses the industry’s need for standardised training across Europe.

Workshop Details

  • Date: Thursday
  • Time: 14:30
  • Location: Room 0.3, SEED Conference, Valencia

Led by Gerben Huiszoon, our workshop will showcase the learning scenarios that have been developed to enhance the skills and knowledge of those entering the offshore wind energy sector.

Importance of Participation

The workshop is tailored for educators, trainers, and industry professionals who are invested in the future of sustainable energy education. Participants will explore our innovative approaches to training and discuss the challenges and solutions in harmonizing educational standards across different systems.

Join Us in Valencia

We look forward to the SEED conference as a platform to share our initiatives and learn from other experts in education. It is an opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue and potential collaborations that can influence the direction of sustainable energy education.

We encourage you to join us in Room 0.3 on Thursday at 14:30. Your participation and feedback are invaluable as we continue to develop and refine our educational strategies.

We hope to see you there and look forward to a productive session at the SEED conference.