Celebrating a Milestone in Wind Energy Education: Agreement of the Wind Netherlands Internship Covenant

The Dutch wind energy sector is taking a significant step forward with the launch of the Wind Netherlands Internship Covenant. Scalda, a key partner in the T-shore project, played a crucial role in this agreement, which guarantees internships for secondary vocational students in the wind industry. This initiative not only provides valuable hands-on experience but also covers all necessary expenses, including Global Wind Organisation (GWO) certification, ensuring students are fully equipped for their careers.

Gerben Huiszoon, Scalda & T-shore, stated:

“Scalda today signed an internship agreement at WindDays that the Dutch wind industry has set up so that students can take an internship in the wind sector. Everything for them is arranged and paid for, including GWO Certification. It’s an important agreement that helps students become wind technicians and supports this with the industry.”

As T-shore continues developing Centres of Vocational Excellence for Offshore Wind Energy across our five regions, this agreement serves as a prime example of successful collaboration between industry and education. T-shore hopes this initiative will inspire similar agreements in other regions to address the skills shortage in the offshore wind industry.

This partnership highlights the importance of integrating educational institutions with industry needs, setting a precedent for future initiatives. With the backing of key industry and educational leaders, the Wind Netherlands Internship Covenant is poised to make a substantial impact on the next generation of wind energy professionals.

For more details on this ground-breaking agreement and its implications for the wind energy sector, visit NedZero News.