T-Shore Partners Study Tour at ATU, Letterkenny, Ireland

The T-shore Project continued its project train the trainer programme, beginning 2024 with a visit to ATU in Letterkenny, Ireland. This event marked a significant step in our project’s journey, bringing together partners to enhance our collaborative learning framework and workshop through important learning scenarios.

Day 1: Focus on Learning Scenarios

Our visit started at ATU’s campus and training facilities, led by Nuala Carr. The day was dedicated to workshops focused on harmonizing the T-shore learning scenarios and methods, ensuring a cohesive and comprehensive learning experience for all participants.

Day 2: Exploring VR in Education

The second day introduced us to a VR demonstration, emphasizing its potential in simulating real-world scenarios for offshore wind energy training. The the partners focused on a ‘Yaw Motor Fault Diagnosis’ scenario, exploring how the T-shore project will harmonise the learning across the programme. This allowed for a powerful workshop and a group review analysing improvements for the learning scenarios.

Day 3: Review and Future Planning

On the final day, we reviewed our activities and discussed the future direction of the T-shore project. The session was essential for evaluating our progress and strategising the next steps in our journey toward excellence in offshore wind energy education.


The study tour at ATU was a crucial milestone for the T-shore project. It not only provided an opportunity for hands-on learning but also reinforced our commitment to advancing vocational excellence in the offshore wind sector.