The La Tene Maps Offshore Wind Map of Europe

We are excited to share the launch of the La Tene Maps Offshore Wind Map of Europe.  It provides a detailed view of offshore wind farm locations across Europe, highlighting the industry’s expansion.

The 2024 European Offshore Wind Map serves as a practical tool for professionals in the renewable energy sector. It showcases the current state of offshore wind farms, reflecting Europe’s progress towards sustainable energy goals.

Offshore wind farm areas are colour-coded to show the stage that area is at together with the developer, proposed MW and number of turbines. This includes areas in offshore rounds, areas under application, areas granted and fully consented areas. Wind farm symbols generally only occur on the map when an offshore wind farm is fully planned (consented), under construction or built.

The T-Shore project takes pride in contributing to the offshore wind industry, particularly in addressing the skills gap. As Europe moves towards net-zero emissions, the demand for skilled professionals in the renewable energy field is increasing. The T-Shore project is focused on supporting the industry’s growth by preparing a workforce that is ready to meet these challenges.

We encourage industry experts, policymakers, and enthusiasts to download the Le Mans Offshore Wind Map of Europe. This map is a step forward in understanding the landscape of offshore wind energy and its importance in achieving a sustainable future.

La Tene Maps Offshore Wind Map of Europe PDF