T-Shore Partner Meeting in Amsterdam

This April, T-shore hosted its first partner meeting of 2024 in Amsterdam, a prime location chosen for its excellent connectivity via Schiphol Airport. The event spanned three days, each packed with productive sessions and collaborative discussions aimed at advancing our project under the current EU agreement.

Day 1: Reflection and Project Alignment

The meeting commenced with a reflective ‘World Café’ session facilitated by Katapult. Participants engaged in meaningful discussions focused around three key questions:

    • Looking Back: Evaluation of our progress after two years.
    • Looking Ahead: Setting goals for the next two years.
    • Levels of Impact: Discussing desired outcomes at individual, regional, and international levels, and assessing if we are on the right track.

A big thank you to our expert evaluators who help host each ‘café’ who came from other EU CoVE initiatives:

Pieter Hoekstra, PoVE Water
Jacqueline Kok, AllView
Yvette Lanting, Sustainable Energy Education (SEED)
Jan Jeronimus, European Platform for Urban Greening (EPLUG)


Following the reflection session, the project management team delved into a detailed analysis of project activities, deliverables, and finances. This was essential for ensuring all partners have a unified understanding of our achievements and the tasks ahead.

The day concluded with a team dinner, providing a great opportunity for personal connections and sharing insights about our lives beyond work.

Day 2: Regional Focus and Stakeholder Engagement

The focus shifted to the regional Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs) and the development of the Platform of Vocational Excellence (PoVE). Updates on the progress and successes across the six regions were shared, highlighting best practices and solutions to common challenges.


In the afternoon, the event was opened to friends of T-shore and Dutch stakeholders from DOB-Academy, NWEA (NetZero) and ROC van Amsterdam, STARK, FIRDA, Siemens Gamesa and Istec , who joined the project team for an afternoon of discussion and discovery. This session underscored the value T-shore places on expanding our network, sharing resources, and fostering collaboration.

Day 3: Learning Scenarios and Harmonisation

The final day focused on the development of learning scenarios within Work Packages 3 and 4, focusing on harmonisation efforts. The workshop facilitated robust discussions, helping to identify challenges and plan future steps in content development.


We extend our heartfelt thanks to ROC van Amsterdam, our generous hosts, our guests, and the T-shore family for creating an engaging and excellent environment. This meeting not only aligned our efforts but also reinforced our commitment to shared goals and continued excellence.