Workshop in the KAAP ūüďć T-shore CoVE The Netherlands South, 19th March 2024

Workshop in the KAAPūüďć

T-shore Center of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) Winddock of Scalda and Fieldlab Zephyros РWorld Class Maintenance are organizing a workshop for the development of offshore wind training facilities in the KAAP | Innovatiepunt in Vlissingen on behalf of EU project T-Shore and Opschalling PPS New Waves.

WindDock and Zephyros cordially invite their partners to participate in the workshop with the aim of developing activities and facilities to train technicians for the offshore wind sector together.

Agenda: 19th March 2024
12:00 walk-in with sandwiches lunch
13:00 Workshop 1: learning scenarios for wind mechanics
15:00 Workshop 2: control room for remote maintenance
17:00 End

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Be the first to see 5 harmonized learning scenarios for novice wind technicians that will be used in 5 EU countries and think along with us about how they can be realistically trained in Vlissingen!

Gerben Huiszoon, Scalda