World Class Maintenance celebrates the kick-off meeting of the AIRTuB-ROMI project in Vlissingen

Last Thursday, November 30, the enthusiastic kick-off meeting of the WCM Fieldlab Zephyros AIRTuB-ROMI project took place in Vlissingen.

AIRTuB-ROMI Project Webpage 

AIRTuB-ROMI is the continuation of the beginning of 2023 successfully completed AIRTuB1 project, in which a consortium of knowledge institutions and companies led by WCM-Fieldlab Zephyros, among other things, developed a first prototype of a drone crawler robot for ‘unmanned’ offshore turbine blade maintenance.

AIRTUB-ROMI, for which a Top Sector Energy subsidy from the Ministry of Economic Affairs has once again been acquired, focuses on the further development and down-sizing of the prototype from AIRTuB1, adding of smart sensing in the turbine blades, the development of a blade digital twin and making the robot resident in the windfarm. The kick-off meeting was attended by 36 project team members from the 17 participating parties. Through participant pitches, work package workshops, a serious indoor drone flying competition and a final dinner, the team got to know each other and the project better and a flying start was made.

Participating parties, led by WCM-Fieldlab Zephyros, are: Eneco Wind, Vattenfall Sustainable Energy, LM Windpower, Inertia Technology, Tarucca, Mistras Group, Nobleo Technology, Terra Inspectioneering, Avular Innovations, Nest-Fly, Dehn, Royal NLR, TU -Delft, TNO, HZ-UAS, InHolland-UAS

It is truly inspiring to see our T-shore partners continue to work tirelessly across the industry in many other funded projects. It demonstrates the power of collective effort in achieving net-zero emissions and fostering a sustainable future for offshore wind energy. By working together, organizations can access greater resources, share knowledge, and experience, ultimately contributing to the greater good of their shared goal

For more information, please contact project leader Ferry Visser (