T-shore Brussels Event 2023

Navigating Success Together: T-shore’s Brussels Trip Unveiled

Hey T-shore Community! 🚀

We’re thrilled to share the journey that happened during our recent trip to Brussels—a journey that showcased how working together with our fantastic partners can make amazing things happen. Lets unpack the key things we learned and the unforgettable moments from this experience.

Our Final Partner Meeting: A Team Reflection

Our journey began with the last partner meeting of 2023—a get-together that was all about teamwork. Together, we talked about what we’ve achieved, the challenges we faced, and what lies ahead for the T-shore project. This meeting wasn’t just a recap; it was a chance for us to figure out how we can work even better together in the future. 🤝


A Night to Remember in Brussel’s UNESCO Site: Celebrating Everyone’s Success

Following our full day partner meeting, we all met up in the historic The Grand Place to celebrate. This night was all about recognising the teamwork that makes T-shore awesome and growing our personal relationships for the greater good of the project. 🎉


T-shore Annual Brussels Event: Showing Off What We’ve Got, Sharing Different Views

The highlight of our Brussels trip was the T-shore Annual Brussels Event—a gathering of our important stakeholders, – EU employees, friends and fellow EU projects. It was a chance to show off the work done and upcoming from T-shore and to learn more about things like the EU perspective on their CoVE initiative, Micro credentials, and VET. We heard from fellow RES4CITY project as we look to increase collaboration and share resources with other projects. 🌐

Key Takeaways & Big Shout outs 🌊:

  1. Green and Digital Harmony: Recognising the intertwined nature of the green and digital transition, leveraging the right technology can amplify the success of the green transition.
  2. Collaboration for Success: EU projects thrive on increased collaboration, sharing knowledge, skills, and resources. The collective will across industry, research, and education is palpable, emphasising the need for widespread buy-in. 🙌
  3. Promoting Offshore Careers: Addressing the pressing issue of the skills shortage in the offshore industry demands a collective effort to promote it as a respectable, fulfilling, and lucrative career. The development of programs like T-shore is crucial, but promotion is equally vital to attract a pipeline of skilled workers.
  4. Simplifying Benefits: Highlighting the benefits of working in the offshore industry is paramount. From attractive starting salaries for offshore wind technicians to higher pay in technical renewable jobs— transparency and open dialogue can reshape the industry’s perception. Let’s all spread the word about the perks of working in offshore together.
  5. T-shore’s Mix of Cultures: Just like Brussels is a mix of different cultures, T-shore is a mix of cultures from our five regions. Together, we’re bringing a lively energy to the offshore wind industry. 💨







In a nutshell, our trip to Brussels was a celebration of teamwork. To our partners and stakeholders, your dedication and passion drive T-shore’s success. Let’s continue this journey together, charting new paths of collaboration for a thriving offshore wind industry! 🌟

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from the T-shore project.

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